Are You Suffering From “Bad Mattress Disease”? We Have The Cure!

Sleeping Well Matters

Sleeping well is very important to our overall health, well-being, and revs us up for the busy day ahead. Sleeps helps us remain healthy, both mentally and physically. Sleep is interrupted if constant tossing and turning occurs. If you have been waking up with pain, tossing and turning during the night, have had bouts of insomnia or dragging throughout the day trying to keep your eyes open, you may be suffering from a “bad mattress disease”!

back pain

Side Effects of “Bad Mattress Disease”

“Bad mattress disease” is serious and can cause a plethora of sleep-deprivation related symptoms such as constant headaches, back/neck/hip pain, irritability throughout the day, poor balance, coordination, and decision-making abilities, eventual weight gain, and can even lead to anxiety or depression. In fact, regular bouts of sleeping issues is linked to a shorter lifespan. Many people have a first thought that they are coming down with a physical illness, which can be true, but next to no one’s first thought is that the mattress they are laying on is causing the problems they are experiencing.


We Have The Cure

If you believe you are suffering from “bad mattress disease” and can only dream about nights spent sleeping like a baby, you are in luck and that dream can be made into a reality. Purchasing a new mattress does not have to be a drag. Our service team is ready to help you in your quest to better sleep. You can also rest assured that a high-quality mattress that fits your preference (soft, medium, or firm) does not have to mean expensive! We are on a mission to help you find the right mattress so you can go back to sleeping soundly. All you need to do is contact us and we will hook you up with the cure to “bad mattress disease”!